What you need to know when buying a condo or townhouse!

Posted on Oct 09, 2020

             In British Columbia, there are numerous types of property ownership, such as 'Freehold' (majority of detached homes/land), 'Freehold Strata' (most condos and townhomes), 'Leasehold', 'Co-operatives', 'First Nations Lease', 'Time Share', among others. The most common and clean type of ownership is 'Freehold' which is essentially 'free from hold', f...

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Condos vs. Apartments in Vancouver

Posted on Sep 24, 2020

People tend to use these words interchangeably, but often incorrectly. When a developer purchases land with plans to build a multi-family building, they have to decide whether the building is going to be a rental ie. 'Apartment' building or a ‘Condo’ building. Usually the city has a say on what you can build, based on what is most in demand and wha...

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